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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the glitz and glamour of Bollywood? Amazon Mini TV’s new web series Industry pulls back the curtain, giving us a hilarious and eye-opening look at the chaos, creativity, and craziness of the Hindi film world. As a movie buff who caught this series at a special theatre screening, I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this wild ride through the underbelly of India’s dream factory.

The Story

Industry follows Aayush Verma, a wide-eyed aspiring screenwriter played brilliantly by Gagan Arora. We watch as Aayush leaves his small-town life behind and dives headfirst into the shark-infested waters of Mumbai’s film industry. His journey is equal parts inspiring and cringe-worthy as he faces rejection, forms unlikely friendships, and slowly learns to navigate the cutthroat world of Bollywood.

The series doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to showing the less glamorous side of the movie business. We see the constant struggle for recognition, the bruising of egos, and the often absurd demands of big-name stars and producers. Yet through it all, Aayush’s passion for storytelling shines through, making us root for him even as we laugh at his missteps.

The Cast

Gagan Arora is a revelation as Aayush. He perfectly captures the mix of naivete and determination that drives so many young dreamers to Mumbai. His expressive face conveys volumes, especially in scenes where he’s trying (and often failing) to pitch his ideas to jaded industry veterans. :   Sam Morril Web Series

The supporting cast is equally strong. Chunky Panday steals every scene he’s in as a washed-up former star desperately clinging to relevance. Ankita Goraya brings depth and nuance to her role as Aayush’s roommate and fellow aspiring artist. And Asha Negi is delightfully acerbic as a no-nonsense producer who takes Aayush under her wing.

The Writing

Industry’s greatest strength is its razor-sharp writing. Creators Navjot Gulati and Shreyansh Pandey, along with their writing team, have crafted a story that feels authentic and lived-in. The dialogue crackles with wit and inside jokes that will delight anyone familiar with Bollywood tropes.

What impressed me most was how the show balances its satirical elements with genuine heart. Yes, it pokes fun at the absurdities of the film world, but it never loses sight of the very human dreams and disappointments at the core of the story. This gives Industry a depth that elevates it above mere industry satire.

Industry Amazon Mini TV Web Series

The Look

For a show about the movie business, Industry looks fittingly cinematic. Director Navjot Gulati and cinematographer Aneesh Ajay have created a visual style that captures both the grit and the glamour of Mumbai. From cramped writing rooms to lavish film parties, every frame feels authentic and lived-in.

The Music

Composer Gaurav Chatterji deserves special mention for Industry’s pitch-perfect soundtrack. The original songs capture the energy and emotion of key moments, while the background score enhances the comedy and drama without ever overpowering the scenes. :   K├╝bra Season 2 Web Series

The Verdict

Industry is a triumph. It manages to be both a loving tribute to and a sharp critique of Bollywood. The five-episode format is perfect, allowing the story room to breathe without overstaying its welcome.

What sets Industry apart is its refusal to romanticize the film world. Yes, there are moments of magic and inspiration, but the show never shies away from showing the hard work, rejection, and occasional humiliation that come with pursuing a creative dream.

As someone who loves movies, I found Industry to be a refreshing and often hilarious peek behind the curtain. It’s a must-watch for film fans, aspiring artists, and anyone who’s ever dared to chase a seemingly impossible dream.

The Bottom Line

With its sharp writing, stellar performances, and pitch-perfect blend of humor and heart, Industry is one of the best Indian web series I’ve seen in years. It’s a love letter to the magic of movies, warts and all. Don’t miss this one.

Filmy4wap Final Rating: 5/5 stars

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