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My Dad the Bounty Hunter is the latest movie from the writer/director of The Hunger Games. It is set to be released on September 27. As a fan of the series, I’m excited to see what this movie has in store for me. There are a lot of great aspects to this film. One of them is Laz Alonso. He plays one of the main characters, and his performance is fantastic. Also, I’m curious to see how the movie handles family and relationships, as well as the role of fathers and sons.

Laz Alonso

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an upcoming animated series that will be coming to Netflix soon. The show features two kids who want to spend some quality time with their father. However, when their dad hits the road for work, they find themselves in the strange company of an intergalactic bounty hunter.

According to Netflix, this series is inspired by “gritty, sci-fi films”. In fact, the company has appointed the Dwarf Animation Studio as a CGI animation studio. Using the latest in computer generated imagery, Netflix has already begun shooting. It is expected to debut on February 9, 2023.

While the company has not officially announced any cast members, it has tapped the likes of Laz Alonso, Yvonne Orji, and JeCobi Swain to voice the title character. Along with them, the show will also feature some notable actors. These include Jim Rash, Priah Ferguson, and Leslie Uggams.


The Netflix animated series My Dad the Bounty Hunter is about a family of two kids who are forced to go on a mission with their father who is an intergalactic bounty hunter. They have to face danger from aliens and laser fights while they try to get back to Earth.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is directed by Everett Downing Jr. and it is a very thrilling animated television show. It is about an intergalactic bounty hunter who takes extreme father duties when he discovers that two kids have crashed into his ship. He is torn between taking his kids with him or keeping them safe.

When they get back on Earth, the family faces a lot of challenges. Their adventures lead them to giant aliens with sharp teeth and flame-throwing robots.

Aside from the main character, Sean, other characters are also featured in the series. Yvette Nicole Brown, Jim Rash, and Leslie Uggams are among the voice actors.

Release date

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an upcoming animated series set in space, courtesy of Netflix. It’s about the world’s toughest bounty hunter, his two kids, and their adventures in space. The show has high production values, high-quality animation, and a surprisingly engaging plot. If you can wait until February 9th, 2023 for the show’s premiere, you’re in luck.

This is one of the more interesting family shows out there, with a mix of edgy humor, nifty science, and a lot of geek cred to boot. The show’s creators have a track record, with the likes of Toy Story, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars. And it’s not just the cast and crew that make it special; the production value is top-notch.

On top of that, it’s the newest and most popular online streaming service, and the most reliable. While you’re waiting, you might as well take a peek at the new show’s trailer.

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Netflix announced the upcoming animated series My Dad the Bounty Hunter. The show is set to hit the streaming service in February 2023. It follows an intergalactic bounty hunter with two kids. His family is unaware of what he does for a living.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an animated series that is sure to keep audiences intrigued. It follows the adventures of a father who’s forced to take his two children on a space mission. In the process, the family encounters a variety of adventures. From giant aliens with sharp teeth to flame-throwing robots, the family will face many challenges.

Netflix has released the first trailer for the series. The trailer shows the family being forced to do dangerous things in space. They also find out that their father is not a delivery man. He’s a tough bounty hunter. However, the kids end up crashing the bounty hunter’s latest mission.

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