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Sam Morril’s latest comedy special, You’ve Changed, now streaming on Prime Video. This uproarious hour of stand-up comedy promises to leave viewers in stitches as Morril dissects everything from the pitfalls of dating to the quirks of aging in 21st century.

A Comic’s Evolution

You’ve Changed marks a significant milestone in Sam Morril’s career. Known for his sharp wit and biting social commentary, Morril has honed his craft over years of club performances and previous specials. This latest offering showcases a comedian at the top of his game, confident enough to explore new territory while staying true to his signature style.


The special’s title plays with the idea of personal growth, both Morril’s and his audience’s. As he delves into his material, it becomes clear that while some things may change, Morril’s ability to find humor in life’s challenges remains constant.

Dating in the 21st century

One of the standout segments of You’ve Changed focuses on Morril’s adventures in modern dating. With razor-sharp observations, he navigates the treacherous waters of dating apps, awkward first meetings, and the eternal struggle to find connection in a world of endless options.

Morril’s self-deprecating humor shines as he recounts his own dating mishaps. His ability to find the absurd in everyday situations resonates with audiences of all ages, whether they’re swiping right or reminiscing about simpler times.


The Perils of Aging

As Morril enters his late 30s, he brings a fresh perspective to the age-old topic of getting older. You’ve Changed tackles the physical and emotional challenges of aging with a mix of resignation and rebellious humor.

From unexpected aches and pains to the realization that he can no longer party like he used to, Morril’s observations hit home for anyone who’s ever looked in the mirror and wondered where the time went. His ability to find laughter in these universal experiences makes the material feel both personal and relatable.

Social Media Satire

In an era where our lives are increasingly lived online, Morril takes aim at the absurdities of social media culture. His biting commentary on influencers, cancel culture, and the constant need for validation through likes and shares strikes a chord with audiences. :   Cobra Kai Season 6 Web Series

You’ve Changed doesn’t just mock these trends; it examines the ways in which social media has altered our relationships and self-perception. Morril’s ability to find humor in these often-fraught topics provides a cathartic release for viewers grappling with their own digital dilemmas.

News Media Mockery

Morril’s take on cable news and the 24-hour news cycle offers some of the special’s sharpest material. With a keen eye for hypocrisy and absurdity, he skewers both left- and right-leaning networks, exposing the ways in which sensationalism often trumps substance.


This segment showcases Morril’s skill at tackling potentially divisive topics with humor that unites rather than divides. By finding common ground in our shared frustrations with media manipulation, he creates moments of laughter that transcend political boundaries.

Relationships and Family

Throughout You’ve Changed, Morril weaves in personal anecdotes about his relationships and family life. These moments of vulnerability add depth to the comedy, allowing audiences to connect with Morril on a more intimate level.

Whether discussing the challenges of long-term relationships or the quirks of his upbringing, Morril finds universal truths in his specific experiences. This ability to balance the personal and the relatable sets You’ve Changed apart from more generic stand-up specials.

Crafting the Perfect Hour

Director James Webb, who also served as cinematographer, deserves credit for capturing the energy of Morril’s performance. The special’s pacing feels effortless, with each segment flowing naturally into the next. Webb’s direction enhances Morril’s delivery without ever overshadowing the comedy.

The production design is simple yet effective, allowing Morril’s words and presence to take center stage. Clever lighting choices and well-timed camera moves accent punchlines and reactions without becoming distracting.


A Team Effort

While Morril’s name is front and center, You’ve Changed benefits from a strong team behind the scenes. Producers Matthew Vaughan and James Webb have helped craft a polished final product that maintains the raw energy of live stand-up.

The involvement of Amazon MGM Studios speaks to the growing importance of streaming platforms in the comedy landscape. By partnering with Prime Video, Morril’s unique voice reaches a global audience, potentially introducing his comedy to viewers who might never have seen him in a traditional club setting.

Pushing Boundaries

One of You’ve Changed’s strengths is Morril’s willingness to push comedic boundaries. While never crossing into truly offensive territory, he doesn’t shy away from controversial topics or edgy punchlines. :   Sunny on Apple TV+: Sci-Fi, Drama, and Cultural Exploration

This fearlessness keeps the audience on their toes, never quite sure where Morril will go next. It’s a testament to his skill as a performer that he can tackle sensitive subjects while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere.

A Comedic Voice for Our Times

In an era of rapid social change and technological advancement, You’ve Changed offers a much-needed comedic perspective on modern life. Morril’s ability to find humor in the everyday frustrations and anxieties we all face makes the special feel both timely and timeless.

By focusing on universal experiences like dating, aging, and navigating the digital world, Morril creates comedy that resonates across generational and cultural lines. His observations tap into shared human experiences, reminding us that laughter can be a powerful unifying force.


Technical Excellence

From a technical standpoint, You’ve Changed impresses with its crisp audio and video quality. The special’s sound design captures both Morril’s delivery and the audience’s reactions, creating an immersive experience that replicates the energy of a live performance.

The editing is tight, maintaining the flow of Morril’s act while allowing for natural pauses and audience interaction. This attention to detail elevates You’ve Changed above many other streaming comedy specials.

A Bright Future for Stand-Up

With You’ve Changed, Sam Morril cements his place as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary stand-up comedy. The special showcases not just his growth as a performer, but also the evolving landscape of comedy distribution.

As streaming platforms continue to invest in original comedy content, specials like You’ve Changed offer comedians new opportunities to reach wider audiences. This democratization of comedy has the potential to introduce viewers to diverse voices and perspectives they might not otherwise encounter.

A Must-Watch Comedy Event

For fans of stand-up comedy, You’ve Changed is essential viewing. Morril’s blend of observational humor, social commentary, and personal anecdotes creates an hour of entertainment that rewards multiple viewings.

Even for those new to Morril’s comedy, the special serves as an excellent introduction to his unique style and perspective. You’ve Changed offers something for everyone, from laugh-out-loud punchlines to moments of genuine insight into the human condition.

As the comedy landscape continues to evolve, Sam Morril’s You’ve Changed stands out as a shining example of the art form’s enduring power to entertain, provoke thought, and bring people together through laughter.

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