Savi – A Bloody Housewife

India: Savi – A Bloody Housewife is a gripping 2024 Indian Hindi-language thriller film directed by Abhinay Deo. The movie is a modern-day retelling of the mythological tale of Savitri and Satyavan. It revolves around Savi (Divya Khosla), a simple housewife and mother, who embarks on a risky mission to break her husband out of one of England’s most secure prisons.

Savi – A Bloody Housewife Story

The movie follows the life of Savi Sachdeva, a devoted wife and mother. When her husband, Nakul (Harshvardhan Rane), is wrongfully imprisoned in a high-security English prison, Savi’s world is turned upside down. Determined to reunite her family, she takes matters into her own hands and meticulously plans an daring jailbreak.

The story explores the depths of Savi’s love and the extraordinary lengths she is willing to go to for her family. As she navigates the treacherous waters of the criminal underworld, she must outsmart the authorities and overcome numerous obstacles to execute her daring plan. :   Weapon Movie

Savi – A Bloody Housewife Cast

The film boasts an impressive cast, led by:

  • Divya Khosla as Savi Sachdeva
  • Harshvardhan Rane as Nakul Sachdeva
  • Anil Kapoor as Joydeep Paul

Savi – A Bloody Housewife Review

Early reviews for Savi – A Bloody Housewife have been overwhelmingly positive. Critics have praised the film’s taut storytelling, gripping action sequences, and the exceptional performances by the lead actors. Particular praise has been given to Divya Khosla’s portrayal of the resilient and determined Savi, as well as Anil Kapoor’s supporting role.

Why Watch Savi – A Bloody Housewife Movie

  • A unique premise inspired by Indian mythology
  • Thrilling jailbreak plotline
  • Stellar performances by the lead cast
  • Intense action sequences
  • A heartwarming story of a wife’s unwavering love for her family

Savi – A Bloody Housewife Movie OTT

While the movie is currently running in theaters, it is expected to be available on various OTT platforms in the coming months, allowing audiences to enjoy this thrilling tale from the comfort of their homes.

Savi – A Bloody Housewife Budgets And Box office Collection

Savi – A Bloody Housewife was produce on a modest budget of ₹60 crores by Mukesh Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar under Vishesh Films and T-Series Films. Despite its limited budget, the movie has been performing exceptionally well at the box office, grossing over ₹120 crores within the first two weeks of its release. :   Bhaiyya Ji Movie Review

Savi – A Bloody Housewife Movie Songs

The film’s soundtrack, composed by Vishal Mishra, has been widely praise for its captivating melodies and heart-touching lyrics. The album features several popular tracks, including:

  • “Humdum”
  • “Vada Humse Karo”
  • “Khol Pinjra”
  • “Paas Tere Main”

Savi – A Bloody Housewife Controversy

Despite its critical acclaim, the movie has faced some controversy due to its intense action sequences and depiction of violence. However, the filmmakers have defended their creative choices, citing the need to stay true to the gritty nature of the story.

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