New Amazon Prime Series Indian Police Force Impresses Viewers as Slick Cop Action Thriller

Mumbai, 31 January 2024 – The recently premiered Amazon Prime Video series Indian Police Force, headlined by director Rohit Shetty, has garnered positive reviews from entertainment critics and viewers for its gripping plot, high-octane action sequences and slick production values.

Set in the same universe as Singham and Simmba, Indian Police Force follows Delhi cop Kabir Malik (Sidharth Malhotra) as he takes on an Indian Mujahideen terrorist planning deadly bomb blasts across the country. Teaming up with an upright veteran cop (Vivek Oberoi) and a headstrong ATS officer (Shilpa Shetty), Kabir races against time to stop the terrorist and unravel his plans in this exhilarating cat-and-mouse chase story.

With a reported budget of ₹100 crore, the action thriller truly stands out for its slick production design at par with the best Indian web series. From the camerawork and editing to action choreography and visual effects, Indian Police Force reflects its big budget in crafting sequences as thrilling as Rohit Shetty’s cop film blockbusters.

The seven episodes, around 30 minutes each, boast of picturesque locales, sharp cinematography and polished aesthetics. Shetty brings his trademark larger-than-life action to streaming, with cars flying in the air, death-defying stunts and powerful explosions across cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Goa. :   Asur Season 2 Web Series

Besides the gripping plot and adrenaline-pumping action, the series also wins praise for its insightful exploration of the ground realities of law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies in India. The portrayal of the human costs and ethical dilemmas adds depth.

Sidharth Malhotra’s brooding intensity as Kabir, Vivek Oberoi’s upright mentor act and Shilpa Shetty’s performance as a tough cop have all come in for appreciation, besides the supporting cast. Fans on social media have also shared excitement for the cameos connecting it to Shetty’s shared cop universe.

Indian Police Force manages to translate Rohit Shetty’s mass entertainment cop action formula seamlessly to streaming. For fans of the genre, it presents a slick, polished and engaging option on Amazon Prime Video to look forward to.

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